Events Date Detail
Meyer Poon Memorial Award Seminar 2008 29-09-2008
Certificate Course on Road Traffic Noise Management and Assessment 08-09-2008
Symposium on Architectural & Environmental Acoustics in Hong Kong, Shanghai & Taipei 20-06-2008
2008 Annual General Meeting 12-03-2008
Road Traffic Noise Measurement Course 23-01-2008
Railway Noise Control Seminar 9: Trackform Vibration Reduction ‥C Myths and Legends (Last Seminar of the Series) 12-12-2007
Railway Noise Control Seminar 8: High Speed Rail in China, Korea and Japan 29-11-2007
Railway Noise Control Seminar 7: A Manufacturer's Overview on Attenuation of Railway Track Noise 18-09-2007
19th International Congress on Acoustics 02-09-2007
Railway Noise Control Seminar 6: Evolution of Railway Noise Control 11-07-2007