The Hong Kong Sound Map

With a view to promote soundscape in Hong Kong, a Sound Map Creation Competition was held and a “Hong Kong Sound Map” was launched on 31st March 2019. The Competition is the first of its kind in Hong Kong aiming to raise public awareness of local soundscape and to promote the idea of treating sound as resources and the importance of ambient sound environment; and also to generate innovative ideas of urban planning and design approach to improve the overall soundscape in Hong Kong.

Through the competition, sound recordings of Hong Kong Soundscape in the following themes are produced

  1. Urban City (城市脈搏)

- Sounds you would hear in the city

  1. Nature Scenery (自然生態)

- Sounds you would hear in the nature

  1. Cultural Landscape (人文景觀)

 - Sounds you would hear from Hong Kong cultural or celebrative activities during festive seasons.

You can enjoy the sound recordings from the Hong Kong Sound Map Competition via or