Executive Committee of the HKIOA (2022-2023)

WilsonHo Ir Wilson Ho
Co-Chairman, Noise & Vibration SC

Ir. Wilson Ho is the founder of Wilson Acoustics Limited. Wilson has over 25 years of experience on noise and vibration control, providing leading consultancy in Hong Kong for railway trackform noise control, TBM groundborne noise assessment, construction noise control, PA system acoustic design and expert witness for court cases. He has also been devoted to improving the measurement techniques for construction sites and railway track noise control. Over the last 10 years, he has showed exceptional interest to conduct research and invent noise control products which adapts to the fast-changing industry. He has invented a multi-directional tuned mass damper for railway noise control and retractable noise barrier for construction noise control.

Wilson has served in the Executive Committee of HKIOA since Year 2006, from IT, activities, noise and vibration sub-committees to Hon. Treasurer. He is currently a Co-Chairman of the Noise and Vibration Sub-committee.