Executive Committee of the HKIOA (2022-2023)

KenWong Mr Ken Wong
Co-Chairman, Professional Development & Education SC
Co-Chairman, Construction Noise SC
Co-Chairman, Membership SC

During his former employment, Ken was a core team member in several contractors and environmental consulting firms, working on various mega infrastructure projects. During the execution of these mega-projects (e.g. 3RS, Route 8, HK-Shenzhen Western Corridor, etc.) there are numerous environmental challenges, especially in the field of acoustic and noise control. Ken has ample practical experience in managing construction noise, starting from employing quiet machines to engineering controls such as blasting cover, enclosure and barriers. He worked in the environmental consulting firm undertaken the project management for a number of environmental projects and has been responsible for budget and programme control, maintaining client relationships, government departments or bureau and managing across multi-disciplinary teams.

In recent years, Ken took part in the organizing committee of the Smart Construction for Quiet conference in 2018 and the Innovative Noise Mitigation Design seminar in 2019. Ken also act as the institute certificate course coordinators since from 2017.