Executive Committee of the HKIOA (2022-2023)

JamesChoi Mr James Choi
Chairman, IT SC
Chairman, Publication SC

Mr. James Choi received his BEng. (Hon) and MEng in the Hong Kong Polytechnic University. He is Director of ANewR Consulting Limited with over 20 years experience in Environmental Noise Impact Assessment and Environmental-IT related applications. Mr. Choi started his professional career as Noise Consultant in 1998 and founded his own company in 2008.
Mr Choi joined HKIOA as Corporate Member in the year 2003. He has been actively participated in the HKIOA functions. He was also the lecturer for HKIOA Certificate Courses on Noise Control, Road Traffic Noise Assessment, Architectural Acoustics Design, Road Traffic Noise & Railway Noise since 2015. Apart from being lecturer for professional courses, he has been dedicated to organise some HKIOA events such as Technical Seminar on Innovative Noise Mitigation Designs (INMD) of Building Envelops & 4D Virtual Reality (VR) System. He commits to serving and contributing the Institute with his outmost dedication and to the best interest of the Institute’s objective if HKIOA members could provide him the opportunity.