Executive Committee of the HKIOA (2022-2023)

AlsonPang Mr PANG Yuen-fai Alson
Co-Chairman, Environmental Noise SC

Mr Alson Pang has over 20 years practical experience of wide spectrum in environmental engineering and management, primarily in association with environmental assessment, acoustics, noise control and wastewater engineering. He is a manager of Environmental Engineering Section under the Operation Division of MTR Corporation. Mr Pang has been working in the railway industry and engineering for more than 15 years. His responsibilities include handling environmental complaints, managing environmental surveillance work and contracts, providing technical input on environmental improvement works and trials, handling permit and licence issues, liaison with the authorities on environmental matters, providing advices on environmental compliance matters, coordinating interfacing work for new railway operation, etc. Before joining the railway company, Mr Pang worked in the environmental consultancy for about 8 years on more than 100 projects, primarily on environmental assessment, EM&A, noise control, etc.

In last two years, Mr Pang was a co-opted committee member. He took part in the organizing committee of the Smart Construction for Quiet conference in 2018 and the Innovative Noise Mitigation Design seminar in 2019. In addition, He was also a membership assessor providing support to the Membership Sub-Committee.