Events Date Detail
CIPHE & HKIOA Joint Webinar - Acoustic Concerns and Treatment in Hydraulic Installation 29-09-2022
HKIQEP Professional Assessment Part 2 Promotion 11-02-2023
Professional Certificate on Acoustics, Noise and Vibration Control Sept - Oct, 2022
HKIOA Technical Webinar - Innovative Construction Noise control in Singapore 26-07-2022
EMAHK - Refresher Course: Environmental Science Management and Policy July - Aug 2022
HKIOA Technical Webinar - Lift Noise and Vibration Control Technique 07-07-2022
[Register Now] HKIQEP Online Youth Summit on 25 June 2022 - Update 25-06-2022
HKIE EVD Technical Webinar - Construction Noise Control Innovative Cases Sharing 27-06-2022
HKIOA Technical Webinar - A more precise method in evaluating the acoustical performance of resilient sports flooring system 23-06-2022
[Register Now] HKIQEP Online Youth Summit on 25 June 2022 25-06-2022